• In 2003
    Wenzhou Hebron fluid equipment Factory was established.
  • In 2005

    In January, Hebron and Italy KSK joint venture name changed to Sino-foreign joint venture Wenzhou Hebron fluid equipment Co., Ltd.

    In July, Hebron introduced foreign advanced CNC machine base and testing equipment.

    In August, Hebron passed the quality management system ISO2000 certification through classification society quality certification company.

  • In 2006
    In May, the Italian Hebron Company was established.
  • In 2007

    In June, Hebron passed the EU CE certification.

    In December, Hebron was appraised as a high-tech enterprise in Longwan District.

  • In 2008

    In February, Hebron Company has a number of utility model patents and appearance patents.

    In March, Hebron was certified by FDA in the United States, making Hebron valve fittings widely used and recognized in biological, pharmaceutical and vaccine engineering.

    In May, Hebron's new plant is located in Binhai Park, Wenzhou Economic and technological Development Zone, putting into production and using.

    In November, Hebron Laboratory Research and Development Center was established.

    In December, Hebron Company was appraised as Zhejiang Science and Technology Enterprise.

  • In 2009

    In March, Hebron became an American bioengineering association ASME BPE standard manufacturer, addressing the import dependence of BPE hardware in the biopharmaceuticals industry.

    In March, Hebron's diaphragm valve pneumatic actuator was established as the enterprise standard.

    In April, Hebron established the Pharmaceutical, Biological, Vaccine Pipeline Engineering installation Company.

    In May, Hebron Biofluid equipment Co., Ltd was established in Taiwan.

  • In 2011

    In April, Zhejiang University Institute of Technology and Hebron jointly established the Zhejiang University (Hebron) Technology R&D Center.

  • In 2012

    In September, Zhejiang Hebron Automatic Control Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was established, the company has become one of the few enterprises in the country in both the overall solution of pharmaceutical engineering and product manufacturing.

    In April, Hebron went to the United States to list.

  • In 2013

    In March, the Enterprise Standard Stainless Steel fittings for Pharmaceutical Q/ZXBL of Hebron was officially put into use.

    In March, Hebron developed the Multifunctional Intelligent Process Control Valve developed successfully and put into the market in batches.

  • In 2014

    In November, Hebron's Multifunctional Intelligent Process Control Valve was awarded the second prize for scientific and technological progress in Wenzhou City.

  • In 2015

    In November, Hebron was granted the Special equipment installation, alteration and maintenance license and the Special equipment Manufacturing license.

  • In 2016

    In December, Hebron successfully listed on the NASDAQ mainboard, stock code: HEBT.

  • In 2017

    In February, Hebron moved to a new factory in Longwan Airport New area.

    In March, Hebron Chairman Sun Anyuan led his team to New York Nasdaq and ring the bell.

    In April, Hebron established the Strategic Alliance for the sharing of traditional Chinese Medicine Industry in conjunction with the upstream and downstream enterprises in the pharmaceutical field.

    In December, Mr.Sean B. Stein, Consul General of the United States in Shanghai, and his party visited Hebron Tech.

  • In 2018

    In February, Longwan District Chief Zhou Yifu visited Hebron Tech during the Lunar New year.

    In March, Hebron Tech set up a Supporting Fund for workers in need to help them spending a moment of suffering together.

    In April, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, provincial and municipal economic and information committees led the investigation of Hebron Tech, starting a forum to explore the development of Wenzhou biomedical equipment industry.

    In May, the Israeli Consul General in Shanghai, Eyal Propper, and Xu Junjie, director of the political and Economic Affairs Department of the Israeli Consulate General in Shanghai, and his party came to Wen to inspect Hebron Tech.

    In July, the counsellor of the Israeli Ambassador to China led a team of experts to discuss medical device cooperation projects with Hebron Tech.

    In July, the mayor of Danville, Us, led a group of Silicon Valley experts to Hebron Tech to achieve strategic cooperation on medical device projects.

    In August, Ren Xingye, director of the Food and Drug Administration of Linyi City, Shandong Province, visited Hebron Tech.

    In August, Hebron Tech obtained the High Quality Development Demonstration Enterprise, issued by Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and Wenzhou Municipal people's Government of China.

    In November, Hebron Tech obtained the Certificate of High-tech Enterprise of Zhejiang Province.

    In November, Hebron Valve Fittings Research and Development Center was identified as Longwan Zone (High-tech Zone) Enterprise Technology Research and Development Center.

    In December, Hebron Tech obtained Wenzhou safety production standardization three-level enterprise (machinery) certificate.

  • In 2019

    Hebron Tech will continue to play to the ability of independent innovation, keep a steady rising, sustainable development. The future of Hebron is promising!

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