Zhou Yifu, Longwan district mayor visited Hebron in Spring Festival


Brief news: Zhou Yifu, Wenzhou Longwan district mayor lead the major directors from local council government office、Wenzhou Airport New Area Management Committee、District Economic Information Bureau、District Science and Technology Bureau 、District Finance Office 、Yongxing Street Office 、District News Center and District Office Affairs Bureau etc with great care to visit Hebron and learn the development of Hebron on 24th Feb(the ninth of the first lunar month).



The chair man Sun Anyuan, received warmly the mayor Zhou and reported the opportunity grasped in the last year, the achievements of technology revolution and keeped the advantage of industry development; At the same time, Hebrron will actively invest in the development direction of intelligent manufacturing, provide high value-added products, do a good job of upgrading, and contribute to the sustainable development of industrial enterprises this year.



At the forum, the mayor Zhou want Hebron to seize the current opportunity, based on the market, seize the advance opportunity and seize the market by replying on technology to become bigger and stronger. As the first listed enterprise of Longwan District, Hebron should create the well-known brand enterprise and play the role odo benchmarking. The mayor Zhou also hope that enterprises should propose suggestions to government to further improve the working style and methods, to create a better production environment and conditions for the development of the enterprise.



The chair man Mr. Sun is very grateful to the care and advice from district leaders, Hebron will seek the development in the stability in 2018, and create a better performance.


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