Hebron Technology Co., Ltd. Announces Plan to Expand Healthcare Industry Solutions


Hebron Technology Co., Ltd., a developer, manufacturer and installer of valves and pipe fittings for use in the pharmaceutical, biological, food and beverage, and other clean industries, today announced its strategic business developmentplan, designed to allow the company to expand from being a pharmaceutical production equipment and process pipeline provider into an integrated service provider in the healthcare field.

As previously disclosed, on March 10, 2018 Hebron acquired 49% of Xuzhou Weijia Biotechnology Co., Ltd., for R&D, sales of health foods, nutritional supplements, and other health related products, and access to distribution channels and relationships with major pharmaceutical and health care related product manufacturers. In addition, as part of its growth plan, management of the Companyplans to introduce advanced medical equipment and medical technology as well as invest in healthcare related upstream and downstream companies.

Mr. Anyuan Sun, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hebron, commented, "While we continue to grow our core business of providing comprehensive process pipeline systems and engineer designs, installations and services for pharmaceutical factories, we also see a great opportunity to expand our market share in the pharmaceutical sector while developing new product and service offerings in other healthcare segments, such as medical equipment, as well as health food and beverage markets."

Mr. Sun continued,"We are excited about the potential of our development plan. We expect that ourincreased focus onnew business initiatives will lead to more innovative and breakthrough product introductions over the coming years. This plan is a significant first step toward creating a portfolio of brands that are laser-focused on the healthcare field and leverages the strengths of our company."

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