The Chairman of Hebron Tech, Sun Anyuan won the 2018 Wenzhou Top Ten leaders in Entrepreneurship and Innovation"


On November 16, the 2018 Wenzhou Entrepreneurship Innovation Expo opened at Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. At the opening ceremony, the list of 2018 Wenzhou Top Ten leaders in Entrepreneurship and Innovation was released.
As one of the important supporting activities of the Expo, the selection activity of the top ten leaders of entrepreneurial innovation in Wenzhou, jointly sponsored by the propaganda Department of the Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Municipal Bureau of Human and Social Security and the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, has been held for four consecutive sessions.
2018 Wenzhou Entrepreneurship and Innovation Expo is sponsored by Wenzhou Municipal people's Government, hosted by Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Municipal Bureau of Education, Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, Southern Zhejiang Science and Technology City Management Committee, Municipal Federation of Trade unions, League Municipal Committee, Municipal Women Federation, Municipal Paralympic Federation, Wenzhou Silver Supervision Branch, Wenzhou Daily newspaper Group, supported by China Labor Security News, guided by Zhejiang Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Wenzhou Cultural Industry Expo City Co., Ltd.
This selection activity, since launch in September, has received extensive attention from all walks of life. Through the selection of various units, voluntary registration and other recommendations, the organizers finally identified 19 candidates, involving electronic information, advanced manufacturing, biomedicine, new energy, new materials, the Internet, cultural creativity, modern agriculture and other fields. After qualification examination, judge first review, opinion consultation, WeChat vote, judge final appeal and so on, 10 elites finally came out.
In the race to nominate for the "Top Ten leaders of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Wenzhou", Sun Anyuan stood out from among the many entrepreneurs who participated in the selection and submitted new cases of entrepreneurial innovation with good word of mouth and innovative model. Through the initial evaluation and re-evaluation stage, and finally won the title of Wenzhou Ten leaders in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He said that it is a great honor to win the honor of the top 10 leaders of entrepreneurship and innovation in Wenzhou and thank friends all for their support and encouragement.
This award is a great affirmation of our previous efforts and efforts, but also let us have a stronger confidence in the future of Hebron technology. I believe that in the future, we will be better posture, for our customers to provide better products and services!
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