The NPC delegation of Longwan District visited Hebron Tech, to promote the High Quality Development of Private Economy


In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of special supervision and video teleconference of Promoting the High Quality Development of Private Economy in the whole province, help the establishment of Two healthy leading areas, pay attention to the development of private enterprises, and take pragmatic and effective measures. It’s also for solving the difficulties and problems faced by enterprises, and create a good environment for the development of private economy. On the afternoon of March 5, Xue Kefeng, deputy chairman of the Longwan District People's Congress in Wenzhou, and Xia Caihe, director of the working Committee of the National people's Congress, led NPC delegation of Shacheng Street to visit Hebron Tech. Hebron Tech Chairman Sun Anyuan and the company's senior leaders gave a warm reception.
Hebron Tech has been Wenzhou economic transformation and development of advanced collective to strictly require itself. In August 2018, the Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Wenzhou Municipal Government awarded Hebron Tech High Quality Development Demonstration Enterprise.
The NPC delegation and his party went deep into the corporate culture exhibition hall, production workshop and technology research and development center of Hebron Tech one after another. Sun Anyuan introduced the products and production technology of the enterprise to the NPC delegation and also admitted the business situation and the bottleneck encountered in the development of the enterprise.
After understanding the product research and development situation in detail, Xue Kefeng put forward some suggestions and suggestions, and fully affirmed the achievements of Hebron Tech in technology investment and improvement in recent years. He hoped that enterprises would continue to increase scientific and technological research and development and product promotion. As well, further enhance market competitiveness, and increase market share.
During visiting, Director Xue Kefeng stressed that deputies to the National people's Congress should attach great importance to the role of deputies, carry out in-depth research around promoting the high-quality development of the private economy, and unswervingly optimize the environment for the development of the private economy. Solve the difficult problems of private economic development, enhance the driving force of private economic development to play the role of the people's Congress, convey the voice of the people's Congress, and go all out to support the development and growth of private enterprises. Continue to promote the high-quality development of the private economy in our city, with practical action and effectiveness to practice the Four Consciousness and Two Maintenance.
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