Ruian Finance Office visits Hebron with delegation of proposed listed Enterprises


On March 1, 2019, organized by Ruian Finance Office, under the leadership of Dai Anfeng, director of Ruian Finance Office and Yang Jun, secretary general of Ruian Enterprise listing Promotion Association, the responsible persons of more than 20 listed enterprises in Ruian City visited Hebron. Leader of Longwan District Finance Office and chairman of Hebron Tech, Sun Anyuan, warmly received the guests of the delegation.
The delegation visited four enterprises listed in Hong Kong and the United States in Wenzhou to implement the Phoenix Action plan in Zhejiang Province. It’s not only to speed up the overseas listing of enterprises in Ruian City, but broaden the vision of the enterprise capital market, and improve the ability to connect with the capital market.
Hebron, as a NASDAQ listed enterprise in the United States, held a symposium on the characteristics and listing needs of the Ruian enterprise delegation. During the meeting, the Secretary of the Hebron Board of Directors briefed the delegation on the characteristics of the US capital market, the differences, advantages and disadvantages of the Sino-US capital market, and focused on the listing process and requirements of Chinese enterprises on NASDAQ. They shares the problems that should be paid attention to and solved in the process of listing and after listing.
subsequently, with his personal practical experience, Sun Anyuan introduced the opportunities and challenges brought to Hebron by listing, and unreservedly shared the difficulties and key points encountered in the process of listing. He also agreed to suggest that entrepreneurs who are preparing to go public should choose the right institutions in the light of their own size and needs, save costs and take fewer detours.
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