Ren Xingye, the director of Linyi Food and Drug Administration, with the delegation visited Hebron


In 14th Aug,2018, Ren Xingye,the vice chairman of Linyi Municipal Consultative Conference of Shandong Province,the director of Linyi Food and Drug Administration and Weiqiang Sheng,the Chief of Pharmaceutical Production Supervision Section visited Hebron, and the chairman Anyuan Sun and Hebron’s management team warmly receipt and accompany to investigate.



For a long time, Hebron Technology Co.,Ltd keeps good and close cooperation with lots of well-known pharmaceutical enterprises in Linyi city, Shandong province, such as Shandong Luoxin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Xiangyu Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Lunan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. This visiting of the leaders of Linyi Food and Drug Administration also affirms the long-term good cooperation between Hebron and Linyi Pharmaceutical Enterprises.



During this meeting, the director Ren Xingye introduced the basic situation of Linyi's economic development and the current situation of the development of the pharmaceutical industry, emphasizing the advantages of the development of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of its convenient transportation, supporting policies, trade and logistics, etc. The director Ren Xingye also said that he had a deeper understanding of Hebron Technology Co.,Ltd through this visit, and warmly invited Wenzhou excellent enterprises represented by Hebron to enter Linyi.



Chairman Sun Anyuan introduced the production and development situation of Hebron, and earnestly expressed that, as the president of Wenzhou SME Development Promotion Association, he would also actively organize a enterprise team of Wenzhou in the fields of medicine, food and machinery to visit Linyi on the spot, so as to build a cooperation platform for excellent enterprises in Wenzhou and high-quality medical industry projects in Linyi.



After the meeting, Hebron Chairman Sun Anyuan led Ren Xingye's delegation to visit the exhibition hall and production workshop, and introduced Hebron's development process, showing the company's products and production process.

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